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The Training Center of the NATO Trust Fund EOD Project was visited by the NSPA delegation

Published: 30.08.2019, 14:56

On 29-30 August, the NSPA delegation visited the Training Center within the framework of the NATO Trust Fund EOD project.

The purpose of the NATO experts visit was to get acquainted with the Training Center and to identify possible NATO assistance to the Center.

The participants of the delegation were met by Oleg Bondar, Head of the Pyrotechnic Works and Humanitarian Demining Organization of the SES of Ukraine, Volodymyr Lavryk, Head of the Training Center, and representatives of the Training Center's management staff.

During the working visit, the representatives of the delegation got acquainted with the Center's training material. They discussed the issues of conducting a 2-week training to deal with improvised explosive devices and supplying the necessary training equipment to the Training Center, and examined the buildings planned for reconstruction.

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