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Polish delegation visited Khmelnytskyi oblast within the framework of the Program “U-LEAD with Europe”

Published: 12.08.2019, 17:43

On August 12, the representatives of the Association of Volunteer Fire Teams of the Republic of Poland arrived in Khmelnytskyi oblast in order to continue their work on improving civil protection in the united communities of Ukraine within the framework of the Program U-LEAD with Europe, which began in March this year. In the present time, there are 5 united territorial communities that care about the safety of citizens in their territories: Letychiv, Lisovi Hrynivtsi, Kolybaivka, Nova Ushytsia and Stara Syniava.

For five days, Polish experts, together with the representatives of the SESU, will summarize the activities of the participating communities in the field of implementation of the security system, and discuss problems in the work of voluntary fire teams and development strategies. Today, the commission has reviewed the materials of each of five communities: preliminary security plans and how volunteers are involved in eliminating various emergencies. During the discussion and review of the documents, Polish colleagues provided recommendations for improving the activities of the communities in the field of security, as well as outlined the perspective directions for the development of each individual united territorial community.

Over the next four days, our guests will visit communities in which voluntary teams are already in place in order to assess on-the-spot the current state of affairs and areas of improvement, as well as to provide practical and theoretical assistance to improve the safe living and working conditions of Podolians.

Thanks to our Polish colleagues, the volunteers of Khmelnytskyi oblast have the opportunity to take on the experience, and in the future, the population of the region will have their reliable protection - voluntary teams, which together with the state rescue units will become a reliable shield for residents from the emergencies.


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