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Chernivtsi Oblast: the camp change of the international children's camp "Safe Life" is finished

Published: 07.08.2019, 08:38

The thematic change in the international children's camp "Safe Life", which operated during the week in Berehomet town, has come to the end. Although sad to leave the camp, the children were happy during the closing ceremony. They learned a lot during this time: learned how important it was to take care of safety in life, tried to eliminate conditional fires and provide homemade help, hiking in the mountains, rafting on Cheremosh, going through many quests, participating in many competitions, learned to work in a harmonious team, get to know their peers from a neighboring country and more.

As the first deputy head of the Department of the SES of Ukraine in Chernivtsi Oblast Oleksandr Aisyuk said, the camp participants spent time with maximum benefit. All children not only rested, but also worked hard, gaining new knowledge about the rules of safety in the forest, on the water, on the road, at home.

For their courage and perseverance in the course of various tasks, their interest in the topic of life safety showed that all children received awards - diplomas and medals attesting to their participation in the “Safe Life” camp.




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