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Representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross conducted a training on non-technical mine hazard research for the specialists of the SES of Ukraine of Lugansk region

Published: 11.05.2019, 08:43

Pyrotechnics of the SES of Ukraine daily check the area of Luhansk region for the detection and removal of explosive objects. One of the methods of operation of pyrotechnic units is non-technical intelligence - collection, analysis of data on potentially hazardous areas and other available measures for their installation, without the use of technical means for detecting explosive objects.

The purpose of non-technical intelligence is to identify the priority areas of potentially dangerous (confirmed dangerous) territories for further planning and implementation of measures for their humanitarian demining or cleaning from explosive objects. The main task of non-technical intelligence is to confirm the existence of evidence (evidence) regarding the presence on the territory of explosive objects, the extent of danger and the definition of, as far as possible, the boundaries of dangerous sites. During non-technical intelligence, it is recommended to use all available sources of information, except for data obtained through technical means for detecting explosive objects, in particular, polling the population of potentially dangerous (confirmed dangerous) territories.

The exchange of international experience is a necessary component of professional activity and professional development of pyrotechnics. Thus, representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, based on the 64th State Fire and Rescue Section of Lisichansk, Luhansk Oblast, held a 5-day training course on non-technical mine hazard research for specialists in the field of pyrotechnic works and humanitarian demining of a special-purpose emergency rescue unit of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Lugansk region.

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