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On the International Day of Volunteers SESU congratulates its assistants

Published: 05.12.2018, 09:41
On December 5, the International Volunteer Day is celebrated in the world. On this day, humanity expresses its gratitude to all who have found strength, courage and kindness in doing good deeds without requiring anything in return.

Volunteers and rescuers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine for have been working side by side for a number of years and helping people who need it. Together with the Rescue Service, they conduct awareness-raising work with people throughout the country on the prevention of various types of hazards. These good deeds and the readiness for further cooperation in the field of emergency prevention, and in some cases, also respond to them, deserve deep respect and words of gratitude from the rescuers and society. So, only in Cherkasska oblast, every fifth fire today is liquidated with the active participation and assistance of representatives of the volunteer corps, which makes it possible to localize the flames more quickly and, most importantly, to preserve human lives.
So, in order to thank the assistants for the help and cooperation, on the eve of the International Volunteer Day in the Head Department of SES of Ukraine in Zaporizhzhya Oblast an interagency press conference was held, during which rescuers awarded volunteers with whom they collaborated, implementing a number of social projects. In particular, departmental thanks for cooperation and memorabilia rescuers encouraged the head of the Public organization "Helper Zaporizhzhya" Danylo Shcherbakov, the staff of the City Center of Assistance and Julia Dmitrenko, volunteers from Switzerland: Yaroslav Grimm, Eric Ravich, Peter Kunts, Christian Striat and Oleg Matskovsky, the head of the Zaporozhye branch of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine Oksana Beketova.

Specialists of the SES of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region are also actively involved and regularly encouraged by the departmental honors of their loyal assistants - the volunteers of the Rapid Reaction Forces of the Red Cross of Ukraine. Together with volunteers, professional rescuers carry out various educational events for children, explaining work with citizens, and also educating the population on salvation methods in various emergency situations.

At the same time, in Kyiv, volunteers are traditionally involved in the family festival "Family Day of Emergencies", which annually collects hundreds of visitors in the largest cities of Ukraine.
This year, the SES emergency officers try to take part in the role as a volunteers. On their own initiative, they launched an action of kindness and charity, during which they helped the animals from the shelters to find a home. At present, the "Emergency Animals from Rescuers" campaign is successfully implemented by the rescuers of the Head Departments of SES in Dnipropetrovsk, Transcarpathian, Kirovograd and Poltava oblasts.

In general, on this day, as well as in any other, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine thanks all volunteers for the fact that your selfless position is to help people, promote the establishment of goodness and justice in the minds of Ukrainians.

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