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The Chairman of the SES of Ukraine Mykola Chechotkin had a meeting with the delegation from the Federal Republic of Brazil

Published: 22.05.2018, 07:57

On May 21, the Chairman of the State Service for Emergencies of Ukraine Mykola Chechotkin and his Deputy Ruslan Biloshitsky met with the representatives of the Federal Republic of Brazil in the premises of the SES of Ukraine.

The foreign delegation included Maria Ferraz - Regional Coordinator of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency in Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe, Anna Escalera - Project manager of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency, Alan Araujo - Head of the Special Command of the Paramilitary Firefighter Corps of Brasilia, and Fabio Silva - Head of the Department for International Cooperation.

Participation in the event was also taken by the leadership of the Emergency Response Department, the Department of Resources, and the Main Department of the SES in Kyiv City.

During the meeting, Mykola Chechotkin told delegates about the activities of the SES at all stages of the reform, as well as the challenges for the units that were caused by Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine. In addition, the parties discussed the issue of establishing cooperation between the related services, in particular the possibility of signing a Memorandum for Cooperation in the field of combating forests fires and in the sites of urban infrastructure, as well as during search and rescue operations.

"We are interested in signing the Memorandum. Moreover, we already have enough experience, which we can share"- said Mykola Chechotkin. "I personally confirm my active participation in the preparation of this document", - he emphasized.

In turn, the Head of the delegation, Maria Ferraz, noted that the Federal Republic of Brazil is currently actively expanding its cooperation with the countries of Eastern Europe. "We have already established an interaction with countries such as Albania, Azerbaijan and Armenia. We see today's visit as an opportunity to engage in partnership with Ukraine," Ms. Maria said.

Within the framework of its five-day visit, the foreign delegation will also learn about the work of the SES units in the capital city, visit the Chernobyl exclusion area and unconditional resettlement zone, and also visit the places of deployment of a special aviation unit of the Civil Protection Rescue Service in Chernihiv region, and the Interregional Rapid Response Center in Sumy region.





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