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A video conference with representatives of the project "PPRD East III Program" was held in the SES of Ukraine

Published: 25.11.2020, 16:00

On November 25, an introductory video conference, during which representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine had the opportunity to identify and discuss with representatives of the European Union project "PPRD East III" key national priorities within the framework of the EU Program for Prevention, Preparedness and Response to natural and man-made disasters in Eastern Partnership Countries, was held at the SESU.

Thus, in the framework of cooperation between the SES of Ukraine and the EU Directorate General for Emergencies and Humanitarian Aid, the third phase of PPRD East has begun.

During the event, Deputy Head of the Department of European Integration and International Cooperation of the SES of Ukraine Nazar Boryshkevych presented to foreign partners the courses of actions of the Ukrainian Rescue Service and presented the main achievements of the second phase of the EU Program.

He noted that the international exchange of experience in the field of disaster risk management is extremely important for the Service.

At the same time, the European side, represented mainly by the Director of the EU Program Mariel Peterson, the head of the team of experts Magda Stepanyan and others, presented the work packages of the Program and formed the main goals of the PPRD East III.

As a result, the parties agreed by the end of this year to identify the main activities and ways to implement the third phase of the Program for Prevention, Preparedness and Response to natural and man-made disasters in Eastern Partnership Countries in order to implement it in the future effectively.

For reference: the SES of Ukraine is the main beneficiary of the EU Project, which aims to strengthen and develop the capacity of the Eastern Partnership countries in the field of civil protection by attracting expert and technical support from the EU. The project aims to promote the development of civil defense capacity in partner countries to prevent natural disasters, ensure preparedness and response of partner countries, gradual approaching to EU civil protection mechanism and at the same time improve cooperation between them.


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