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Rescuers constantly carry out preventive raids to educational institutions to prevent emergencies involving children

Published: 25.11.2020, 15:23

Rescuers are making every effort to prevent emergencies involving the younger generation, therefore they are carrying out active awareness-rising work throughout the country, particularly in educational institutions.

At the same time, emergency workers not only give lectures on compliance with basic safety rules, but also conduct tactical special training on the territory of educational institutions to bring to the participants of the educational process the algorithm of action in case of emergency, and participate in other activities with children.

So, on November 24 in Donetsk oblast rescuers held a lecture for directors and persons responsible for fire safety in educational institutions of Pokrovsk town on fire-prevention subjects. During the event, specialists of the Rescue Service informed the audience with the statistics of fires and their consequences, explained the rules of using basic firefighting capabilities, including the structure and principle of operation of fire extinguishers. Also, the SES officers explained what type of fire extinguisher it is necessary to use to extinguish electrical equipment, and which is used for extinguishing of flammable substances. The listeners were also told how to put the fire extinguisher to working order in case of fire and how to direct the fire extinguisher to the fire. As part of the event, rescuers reminded of the procedures in case of evacuation, as measures to develop evacuation plans in schools are effective means of preparing both children and teachers for actions in case of any possible emergency in educational institutions.

On November 23, rescuers of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast held an action "Prevent! Save! Help!" on the territory of Tyapchansk secondary school of I-III degrees. During the event, pupils were told about the peculiarities of the rescue profession, reminded the phone number of the Rescue Service, informed about fire safety requirements in case of fire and basic recommendations for safe evacuation in case of fire. The SES officers also told about the consequences of children's mischief with fire, about the danger of detection of explosive objects and informed about the rules of behavior in case of detection. The participants were shown the tactical capabilities of the fire and rescue vehicle and special fire and technical equipment. Those who wished could feel themselves in the role of a rescuer, wearing protective clothing and outfit.

In turn, firefighters of Solomyanskyi district of Kyiv city held exersices for students and teachers of one of the capital’s universities. The event took place in two stages - theoretical and practical. During the theoretical part, firefighters told the audience the rules of fire safety, as well as about the consequences of emergencies. In addition, rescuers stressed the algorithm of actions that must be strictly followed in case of a fire or other emergency. During the practical part the SES officers demonstrated to students and teachers fire and rescue vehicles, outfit and emergency equipment, which are used during emergency response.

And in the Volyn oblast, rescuers joined the dream of a 10-year-old girl from Oblapy village of Kovel district. She visited the rescuers of the Kovel City Department of the SES of Ukraine, where firefighters specially for her conducted a tour of the unit, showed the museum that functions at the unit, the girl examined the fire and rescue equipment and even tried herself as a dispatcher. Let us remind you that earlier the girl from Volyn who struggled with serious illnesses and has multiple development defects, together with her mum wrote to the project of the 1+ 1 channel "Make a dream come true" that she wants to become the firefighter. In September, rescuers helped this dream come true: they arrived to Kovalev family in a fire truck and held a fire and rescue workshop specifically for Faina.

Dear citizens! Pay a due attention to your children learning the vital safety rules both at home and outside.

At the same time, rescuers emphasize that the creation of effective fire protection of educational institutions is an important factor in ensuring the safety of participants of the educational process, which includes:

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