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Rescuers continue to help lost citizens who go to the forest for mushrooms and can not find their way back

Published: 24.11.2020, 11:50

Despite the fact that most areas have already been covered with the first snow, citizens are still going to the forest in search of mushrooms. Fascinated by the process, and ignoring the basic safety rules while in the woods, people lose orientation in the area and can not find a way back.

Well, if the lost person has a phone with him, worse - when not. Then relatives or acquaintances of mushroom pickers ask rescuers for help.

So, for example, on November 23 in Ivano-Frankivsk region at 19:20 the emergency workers of Dolyna received a message from a woman that at about 12:30 her father, born in 1964, went to the forest near the village of Boring to pick mushrooms and still has not returned home. There was no telephone connection with the lost person. Specialists of the Rescue Service were promptly involved in search and rescue operations. At 10:50 p.m., rescuers found a lost mushroom grower in a forest near the village of Boring.

And in the Khmelnytsky region on November 21, emergency workers received a report that during the collection of mushrooms in the woods near the village. A 70-year-old woman got lost in Korolivka, Yarmolynets district. Yarmolynets rescuers together with police officers went in search of a lover of "quiet hunting". Fortunately, the citizen was able to get out of the forest on her own. Wandering, the woman reached the village. Maznyky, Derazhnyansky district, from there and announced her whereabouts.
Dear citizens! When going to the forest or hiking, follow the following tips from rescuers:

Dear citizens! When going to the forest or hiking, follow the following tips from rescuers:

Remember that in November the day is much shorter than it was in early autumn, so do not plan a hike in the woods in the afternoon and do not go long distances - count your strength objectively.

Take care of your safety and in case of an emergency immediately call the Rescue Service at 101!


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