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"Challenge" - the first Ukrainian TV series about rescuers - was presented in Kyiv

Published: 25.11.2020, 08:00
On November 20, the presentation of the first Ukrainian TV series about rescuers took place in the oldest cinema of the capital - "October". 40 episodes of the project "Challenge" were created by IVORY films and "Tele Pro" commissioned by the channel "Ukraine" in close cooperation with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.
The heroes of the picture, which viewers will see on the screens on Monday, November 23, will be firefighters, pyrotechnics, climbers, cynologists, divers, psychologists and paramedics. "Challenge" will acquaint Ukrainians in more detail with the profession of rescuer and tell about the hard work of the SES, because each time pulling the victims out of mortal danger, each rescuer first of all risks his own life.
The pre-premiere of the first series gathered people who gave life to this important project in "October" that day. Given the quarantine restrictions, there were few of them. Thus, the event was attended by the Head of the SES Mykola Chechotkin, representatives of the channel "Ukraine", producers of the film, directors, actors.
Mykola Chechotkin emphasized that the participation of the Service staff in the preparation for the filming and directly on the set allowed to make the series as realistic as possible: Challenges "looked real, as our rescuers are in real life. "Thanks to the close-knit team that worked on the Challenge in close cooperation with our experts, who acted as experts in each series, we all succeeded in the end," said the Head of the SES.The author of the idea and producer Svitlana Usenko said that the implementation of this project was difficult, because it was a completely new experience for her team.
"I am proud to say that the Challenge has a great social mission and I want the profession of rescuer to be heard loudly throughout the country, so that only good things are said about you," she added.

In turn, producer Oleg Rogozha noted that it was an honor for IVORY films to shoot "Challenge": "We wanted to show the danger of your work. Brave and strong people who protect us. I want you to have as few disturbing challenges as possible." said Oleg Rogozha.
After tasting the holiday cake, everyone present had the opportunity to watch the first episode of "Call" on the big screen: two stories of salvation, combined with unforeseen circumstances.
After the screening, the Head of the Service noted that he would be happy to watch all the series and invited Ukrainians to watch it together on Monday, November 23, on the Ukraine TV channel.



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