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Rescuers improve their skills during regular training

Published: 14.11.2020, 08:00

Tactical-special exercises, trainings and practical classes occupy an important place in the activity of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. Except the help for the SES professionals to improve their professional skills, such activities also allow them to work together with other emergency services and emergency workers.

On November 11 in the premises of the art school of Netishyn, Khmelnytskyi Oblast, a special on-site training on civil defense took place, which was attended by specialists of the 3rd State Fire and Rescue Detachment of the Oblast Rescue Service. During the event, employees of the institution improved their knowledge and skills in the field of civil protection, fire and man-made safety. The participants of the training practiced practical actions in case of emergencies of man-made or natural character, including during a fire.

In Lviv Oblast, future rescuers - cadets of the Lviv State University of Life Safety - studied at the Training Center at the University. In particular, the center conducts classes in the disciplines: "Emergency Medicine" and "Medical Training". The purpose of classes: development of cadets practical skills in providing emergency home care. The training center allows you to conduct training and practice practical scenarios in conditions close to real (traffic accidents, falls from a height, etc.).

Also during October - November 2020 on the basis of the training ground of the University with the cadets of the 3rd year of the educational and scientific institute of fire and technogenic safety were held practical classes on the subject "Preparation of gas and smoke detector". Classes were held in a container-type fire simulator.

In Volyn on November 12, employees of the 10th State Fire and Rescue Unit of Lyuboml held a training to improve the skills to release the victim in an accident and perform rescue operations using a special tool rescue vehicles SARM-L based on Ford Ranger.

In addition, in Kirovohrad Oblast is holding a Road Safety Week, during which joint activities with the Kirovohrad Region Patrol Police are held in subordinate units of the SES Office: classes with drivers and personnel of the Rescue Service to increase knowledge of traffic rules, as well as a joint action "An open path to salvation."

In general, such exercises are conducted by emergency workers constantly and will continue throughout Ukraine.


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