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Preparation for local elections: SES participates in command and staff exercises of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Published: 15.10.2020, 07:56

"In the period from 13 to 16 October on the basis of situational centers of the National Police, control points of the National Guard, State Border Service and SES will held a command and staff training to organize cooperation to coordinate the actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs during joint tasks. Interregional study groups have been set up: West, East, South, North, "said Deputy Minister Serhiy Yarovyi.

The main purpose of the exercises is the organization of decision-making on the involvement of forces and means, the organization of immediate response to offenses, their documentation and provision of legal qualifications, management, interaction between CEB units in performing tasks when the situation changes.

According to Serhiy Yarovyi, the training is conducted in four stages: continuing to identify violations related to the election process; actions during the delivery of election documentation to TECs, PECs, their protection, as well as actions on the day of "silence"; actions on election day and counting the results of the expression of will, moving documentation from PECs to TECs and submitting them to the relevant commissions.

"During the exercises, the practical component will be worked out with the involvement of aviation, explosives technicians, investigative and operational groups, fire and rescue operations," Serhiy Yarovyi added.

He stressed the need for strict compliance with sanitary and anti-epidemiological norms: "Conducting training in a pandemic poses new challenges and challenges, because we must do everything to preserve the health of personnel. It is necessary to take comprehensive measures to comply with quarantine restrictions. "

In turn, the First Deputy Head of the SES Oleh Melchutskyi noted that after these exercises, the SES staff has no questions about the algorithms of actions during the election process.

"These exercises will be attended by those people who will be directly on duty and on duty at the situation centers on election day. They will gain practical experience and will be able to react quickly to changes in the situation, "Oleh Melchutskyi said.


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