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Rescuers carry out regular exercises and tactical special training, increasing their readiness to eliminate various emergencies

Published: 09.10.2020, 11:13

Tactical-special exercises, trainings and practical classes occupy an important place in the activity of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. It is impossible to predict where and under what circumstances the next fire or other emergency will occur. In order to be constantly ready to respond quickly and professionally to any emergencies, firefighters regularly conduct comprehensive work aimed at improving the skills of rescuers. In addition, the training aims to work out joint actions with other emergency services and facility staff in an emergency.

Thus, on October 8, in the city of Kropyvnytskyi, at the site where the polling station will be located during the local elections, joint tactical and special exercises were held with the participation of the interaction services of the Kirovohrad region. Rescuers worked out situational tasks, in particular, in case of smoke on the site and in case of receiving a report of a mine. During the implementation of the first conditional task, the danger was gradually eliminated: notification of liaison services, evacuation of citizens, protection of documents, firefighting, confirmation of the absence of danger and resumption of the election commission. The conditional task of mining the premises of the polling station was also successfully completed.

During October 6-7, emergency workers of the Mykolaiv oblast carried out tactical and special trainings on objects with mass stay of people on the basis of which on October 25 polling stations will be located. Such training involves several stages. The first is the study of operational and tactical characteristics of facilities, the availability and serviceability of fire water supply on the territory of institutions, evacuation routes and forecast of conditional fire. In the second, tactical exercises are conducted, which allow rescue units to practically complete the tasks of operational deployment, reconnaissance of premises and evacuation directly on the site. This time the events took place in Berezansky, Domanivsky, Yelanetsky, Mykolayiv districts, Mykolayiv and Yuzhnoukrainsk cities.

And in the Kherson region, on October 6, Skadovsk rescuers conducted tactical and special exercises on the territory of the sanatorium for children with their parents "Skadovsk". According to the tactical plan, a fire broke out in the room on the ground floor of one of the buildings due to a short circuit. The fire began to gain momentum and the flames spread to adjacent rooms. The employee of sanatorium reported about it on number "101". Rescuers arrived at the scene and intelligence found that employees had already been evacuated from buildings that could have been set on fire, but there was a victim in one of the rooms. Emergencies deployed hose lines and provided barrels for extinguishing a conditional fire with the installation of a car on a water source. As a result, rescuers professionally managed to practice firefighting of this format.

Such exercises are conducted by emergency workers constantly to improve practical actions, improve skills in rescue and other urgent work and will continue in the future.



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