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On the eve of the Chornobyl accident the Zhytomyr region was visited by a Japanese delegation - representatives of the educational community

Published: 11.03.2020, 11:32

Last week, a Japanese delegation of graduate students from Osaka and Kyoto Universities, who also represent the non-governmental organization Japanese Educational League for Renaissance, concluded its visit to Zhytomyr region.

For several decades, the leaders of the Chornobyl Hostages and Chernobyl Fire Fighters of the Zhytomyr region, involved in the fate of Chornobyl disaster first responders, have been cooperating with Japanese civic organizations to assist the Chornobyl-affected population. Every year, members of organizations that have expressed their willingness to help Ukrainians come to Zhytomyr, interact with children and educators, physicians, firefighters - liquidators of the consequences of the accident, representatives of local governments, studying aspects of further cooperation and familiarizing themselves with Chornobyl.

This time, the guests spent two days of their stay in Ukraine traveling to the exclusion zone and the town of Pripyat and getting acquainted with the events of spring 1986. They also met with members of the Zhytomyr Charitable Foundation "Chornobyl Firefighters" and its leader Boris Chumak, the responder to the Chornobyl accident. In 1986, he, as the head of the fire department of the region, formed and sent to the Chornobyl NPP a detachment of 289 firefighters from Zhytomyr region and is now in charge of the fate of Chernobyl and rescuers serving in the contaminated area. According to Boris Chumak, 122 firefighters have already died as of today, and 139 got disabled.

Also during the visit, future Japanese scientists aimed to get acquainted with the system of pre-school education and school education of educational institutions of Zhytomyr region, which suffered most from the consequences of the Chornobyl accident. More Japanese educators have studied our experience in preserving the memory of the exploits of the liquidators and the lives of the people affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

The next visit of Japanese friends is scheduled for the eve of the Chornobyl anniversary.

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