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A meeting of the Deputy Head Ruslan Biloshytskyi and delegation of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency took place in the office of the SES of Ukraine

Published: 06.03.2020, 08:27

On March 5, the Deputy Head of the SESU Ruslan Biloshytskyi has held a working meeting with the delegation of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, headed by DTRA Office’s Chief in the US Embassy to Ukraine Joanna Wintrol and new CP-2 Project Coordinator Frederick Williams.

Ruslan Beloshitsky said that the cooperation between the SESU and the Agency is lasting longer than 6 years, and due to the fruitful and professional attitude of the specialists to important aspects in the field of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protection as well as humanitarian demining, with the support of the US Government the SESU has got vitally important technical assistance that enhances the potential of CBRN and pyrotechnic units.

The equipment and appropriate trainings to respond to CBRN threat and humanitarian demining, that the SESU received from the US Government through the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, are enhancing the level of protection of both professional staff in the relevant field and civilians as a result of prompt and quality emergency response. The SESU is being interested in continuing our fruitful cooperation”, - said the Deputy Head of the SESU, he also added that during the project implementation there were already received the equipment at a total value of more than $120m from US partners.

During the meeting the parties discussed the ways to continue cooperation through joint programs. In particular, it was pointed about the necessity of training and technical assistance in order to increase the capacity of the SESU to respond to CBRN incidents. Special attention was paid to the maintenance planning of the equipment received.

Thus, Frederick Williams said that he had recently visited the Interregional Emergency Response Center of the SESU, where he had examined the equipment previously transferred to the unit and got acquainted with the work of the personnel.

One of the main tasks for us is to keep the equipment in proper condition in order to use it even after the program completion”, - said Mr. Williams. He added that the Agency is developing a plan to support this equipment.

The parties also discussed the construction of storage facilities for equipment and property at the territory of Mobile Rescue Center and watched the presentations about the structure, tasks and immediate needs of the SES of Ukraine.



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