General characterization of health in first-generation offspring born to liquidators of the Chernobyl NPP accident consequences
A.F. Tsyb, G.N. Souchkevitch, L.I. Lyaskо, Yu.Z. Artamonova, V.V. Navolokin, L.G. Raykina

Общая характеристика состояния здоровья детей первого поколения участников ликвидации последствий аварии на ЧАЭС
А.Ф. Цыб, Г.Н. Сушкевич, Л.И. Ляско, Ю.З. Артамонова, В.В. Наволокин, Л.Г.Райкина

This paper presents the medical monitoring results of 300 children (3-14 years old) of the first generation of Chernobyl liquidators living in the same region of the Russian Federation (Obninsk-city). The monitoring was performed in a period of 1994-2002. Results on disease prevalence and primary disease incidence in children of liquidators were compared with standardized indices of children living in Obninsk whose parents did not participate in clean-up operations in the Chernobyl area. In addition the results were compared with official standardized indices of children morbidity in the Russian Federation as a whole. The study and control groups of children residing in Obninsk were matched on age and sex. Results showed an annual increase of a number of new cases of hereditary anomalies (Q00-Q99) in particular in 1997 and 1999 years, diseases of blood and hemopoietic organs (D50-D89) in a period of 1994-1999, endocrine system and metabolic diseases (E00-E90) including thyroid hyperplasia from the year 1997, mental and behavior disorders (F00-F99, G00-G99) beginning from the year 1999. More frequent cases of hereditary anomalies in children of liquidators were anomalies of digestive organs (Q38-Q45) and urine pathways (Q60-Q64), but in the control group it was anomalies of the musculoscelenal (Q65-Q79) and circulatory system.

Keywords: Chernobyl accident, liquidators, offspring, hereditary disorders, medical monitoring.

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