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Within the framework of decentralization in Ukraine, pilot projects for the establishment of Citizens' Security Centers are being successfully implemented

Published: 08.02.2018, 10:27

Video SESU
12  May09:06 Firefighters volunteers in Ukraine (video "1 + 1" chanel)
18 April09:47 In Ukraine celebrate the Day of fire protection (video 112 chanel)
14 April16:14 Свою заповітну мрію здійснив 5-річний Тимофій завдяки 1+1 та фонду Крона (сюжет ТК 1+1)
7 April11:04 Як проходить розмінування у Балаклії (cюжет ТК "5 канал")
27 March12:24 Chercasy oblast. Rescuers received a modern fire-rescue truck from their German colleagues
24 March14:34 Explosions in Kharkiv region - amateur video
24 March14:27 The situation in the Balakliya Town still difficult, but the intensity of the explosions decreased significantly - Mykola Chechotkin
22 March10:39 Rescuers Ukraine and Georgia have identified further areas of cooperation in the field of prevention and emergency response
13 March18:09 Ukrainian Civil Protection Research Institute (UkrCPRI) joined the international exhibition «Okiagari-koboshi to Fukushima: Solidarity of Ukraine» ("1+1")
13 March16:55 Zhytomyr rescuers got 5 units of fire equipment from the Norwegian benefactors
2 March12:58 Ukrainian and Belarusian rescuers will cooperate in the sphere of emergency response and air search and rescue
27 February18:25 II Regional winter emergency medical care teams championship was held in Ternopil with international participation "Kremenetsky medical Rally-2017"
17 February09:19 Preparation of chemical units of the SES of Ukraine is ongoing
9 February16:48 Kirovohrad region: rescuers in the delegation visited Norway, where took participation in the workshop and were trained
29 November15:15 Aircraft SESU assists the State of Israel in extinguishing fires ("Inter")
Video SESU