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International scientific-practical conference FESE 2018

Published: 08.11.2018, 11:19

On November 7, 2018 on the basis of the Lviv State University of Life Safety started the International Conference FESE 2018 (Fire and Environmental Safety Engineering 2018). Co-organizers of the conference are the Lviv State University of Life Safety and the Main School of Fire Service of the Republic of Poland. The conference is attended by more than 80 scientists and representatives of companies involved in the production of equipment for rescuers. The conference presents the leading educational institutions of Ukraine, Poland and Kazakhstan, as well as scientific and production enterprises of Ukraine and Poland. The purpose of the conference is to discuss various aspects of fire engineering and environmental safety engineering. The term "engineering" of fire and environmental safety is understood as technical advisory services related to the development and preparation of the production process, as well as the implementation of products aimed at ensuring fire and environmental safety.

During the plenary sessions and poster sessions of the conference, issues of fire, technological and environmental safety are discussed, namely, the structure and properties of materials in terms of their fire resistance and environmental impact, simulation of burning actions and explosions, simulation of emergency scenarios and emergency rescue works, features transportation and disposal of hazardous materials, statistical models and methods in the field of life and environmental safety, response mechanisms on emergencies.

The organizers of the conference have been cooperating successfully for many years. The interaction between the two leading educational institutions of Ukraine and Poland takes place continuously and includes the exchange of experience and joint actions aimed at optimizing the mechanisms of international cooperation for the purpose of development and implementation of fire safety measures. Every year, the four best students of LSU LS study and receive joint diplomas for the educational program of the master's degree - specialty "Fire Safety" - within the framework of the agreement between the Main School of the Fire Service of the Republic of Poland. The delegation from the LSU LS annually takes part in international FENIX rescue exercises, which take place on the basis of the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw.


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