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The team of Ukrainian rescuers took part in large-scale international field training "Serbia - 2018"

Published: 12.10.2018, 15:32
During September 8-11, large-scale field training "Serbia-2018" was organized by the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Center (EADRCC) and the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia.
On September 8, in the city of Mladenovac, an opening ceremony was held, in which 40 international teams were represented, staffed with the best representatives of the rescue units of their countries, ready to demonstrate the capabilities and ability to work effectively in emergencies.
According to the plans of the exercises, participating teams needed to work out a scenario for the elimination of an emergency caused by an earthquake of 6.7 points on the Richter scale. The earthquake caused severe destruction in a number of Serbian cities, there were threats of chemical poisoning, infection of the population and flooding of the area as a result of the destruction of dams in the reservoirs.
The training was conducted in three stages:
the first stage from 7 to 9 October 2018 - the arrival of teams, preparation for training, including exercises on the layout of the area and the training of the command post;
the second stage from 9 to 11 October 2018 - the main field training;

The third stage on October 12, 2018 - the elimination of international teams.

The team of Ukrainian rescuers consists of 33 personnel, namely: 29 people of the search and rescue group, 3 specialists from the leadership team and a VIP person, represented by the Head of the Emergency Response Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Volodymyr Demchuk. The team of Ukrainian rescuers has 7 units of automotive equipment.



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