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Vinnitsa oblast: Rescuers received powerful fire fighting equipment as a gift from their Polish counterparts

Published: 10.07.2018, 21:16

On July 10, the main rescuer of Vinnytsa oblast Ruslan Shevchuk took part in the solemn ceremonial handover of the a gift from his Polish colleagues to rescuers of the SESU of Litinsky district - a powerful fire truck Jelcz costing approximately one million hryvnia. In addition, the Litvin firefighters received helmets, firefighting clothing, fire axes, radio stations and devices for the search of a person with whom communication was lost during an emergency (traffic signaling devices of firefighters who are in a smoky environment). Cooperation with foreign colleagues would not have been possible without personal support of Anatoliy Bychky, the Litin settlement chairman, who personally negotiated with the Polish side.

Machinery and other equipment were obtained from the municipality of Pshemet of the Volkshyn district of the Greater Poland Voivodeship. The colleagues of the neighboring country greeted rescuers of the Emergency Service and emphasized that this wsa not the last fact of cooperation. While respecting the Ukrainian firefighters, they will continue to share equipment and means of protection with the rescuers of Litin region.

While the handover ceremony  of keys and license plates, the awarding of departmental awards and the promotion of the personnel of the State Fire and Rescue Unit number 7 of Litin Village lasted, the head of the SFRU-7 in the presence of journalists tried a stationary firefight shaft of a fire truck and shared with the media the advantages of the machinery, that was received, over existing fire vehicles. According to Vitaliy Melnyk, chairman of the Litin district council, the rescuers of the SFRU deserve only warm words of gratitude - hundreds of professionally eliminated fires and other emergencies, powerful preventive work with the population. Therefore, the authorities will continue to support the fire brigade.

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