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Ukrainian rescuers check their response preparedness

Published: 04.07.2018, 11:55

Rescuers of the State Emergency Service regularly carry out comprehensive work to prevent various types of emergencies. In particular, they check the response preparedness of the units, participate in command-staff, tactical-special and fire exercises and trainings, during which they work out the issues of interaction during the elimination of various types of emergency.

For example, rescuers of Poltava region together with the employees of the North-East Interregional Department for the execution of criminal penalties and probation of the Ministry of Justice, the voluntary fire brigade and the departmental fire service conducted tactical training in the territory of three correctional colonies. During the training, participants worked out interaction plans in case of a fire. In particular, the extinguishing of conditional fires was carried out on the territory of the training ground with the involvement of special equipment of fire and rescue units and departmental fire brigade.

At the same time, firefighters of Kirovograd region sharpened their skills by overcoming the fire zone of psychological training. The actual conditions of firefighters' work during fire extinguishing were simulated on a special site for participants of the training: strong fire, dense smoke, obstacles, labyrinths, fragments of buildings with complex cross-country traffic and others.

In addition, at the end of June, 15 Ukrainian rescuers from different corners of Ukraine, during the week mastered the skills needed to work with new emergency-rescue equipment on special light vehicles. Special trainings, which had been held in Mosbach (Germany), were organized by the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ in the framework of the course "Providing medical assistance and rescue operations during an accident using the equipment of SARM-L" for specialists of SESU.

In general, trainings, exercises to prevent the various types of emergencies, as well as operational responses when they occur, will continue throughout the country. After all, they help to identify weaknesses and shortcomings, and also increase the readiness and ability of the SESU units to act on purpose.

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