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Within the framework of the reform, new local fire brigades continue to be opened in Ukraine

Published: 04.07.2018, 11:54

New local fire brigades and Citizens' Security Centers continue to be actively created in Ukraine, because issues related to civil protection of the population and territories, as well as the elimination of fires and natural disasters in the country's settlements, occupy an important place within the framework of decentralization.

So, on June 21 the Citizens' Security Centers started its work in Poltava in Butenkivsk united territorial community. The employees of the Butenkivsk local fire brigade, who will serve in the newly-established Center have undergone the necessary training and have received the appropriate permits for emergency rescue and fire fighting. Together with them in this building, the police station will also be located. Such location of operational services will facilitate close cooperation, more effective implementation of tasks, rapid response to emergency situations on the territory of Butenkivsk united territorial community

At the same time, in the same month the local fire brigade was opened in Grigorivka village, the Hannov United Territorial Community, Novoukrainsky district, Kirovograd region.

In addition, in order to improve the professional level of volunteers, a training workshop, which was coached by German trainers for local fire volunteers, was held in Zaporizhzhya Oblast on the territory of the Veselivsky United Territorial Community.

In general, today a volunteer movement in the sphere of civil protection is being formed in all regions and volunteer-firemen are preparing for refueling newly created local fire brigades in order to ensure an adequate level of public safety in the most remote corners of Ukraine.

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