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Representatives of the Lviv State University of Life Safety took part in the XV International Rescue Exercises "FENIX 2018"

Published: 29.05.2018, 13:13

On May 23-26, the XV International Rescue  Exercises "FENIX 2018" was held in Warsaw on the basis of the Main School of Fire Service of Poland. Representatives of Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Ukraine participated in the event. The Ukrainian delegation was represented by delegates of the Lviv State University of Life Safety - Senior Lecturer of the Department of Fire Tactics and Emergency Rescue, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Captain of the Civil Protection Service Kobylkin DS, Masters of the Training and Research Institute of Fire and Technological Safety Gobach M. WITH., Didukh MV, Navalyan VI

Within the framework of the training, 4 complexes of exercises were carried out, among which the organization and implementation of fire fighting in residential buildings, the organization of assistance to victims by the forces of rapid reaction teams, the stabilization of building structures and the organization of rescue operations in traffic accidents.





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24 September16:55 Rescuer of Lviv oblast took part in NATO International Training for National Instructors of CBRN Incident Response
21 September09:18 Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast: A seminar on "Development of voluntary fire brigades network" was held at the Department of the SES Of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast.
19 September17:03 In Donetsk, psychologists conduct classes within the framework of the project "Therapeutic Dogs"
19 September07:41 Rescuers of SESU the Silver Award won the Silver Award at the team grade for the XIV World Championship in Fire and Applied Sport
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18 September09:43 Ecological aspect of the reintegration of the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions
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10 September07:51 Warning about fire danger in Ukraine
8 September14:12 Rescuers of Rivne oblast are participating in International trainings for voluntary fire units in the Republic of Poland
6 September16:44 Kherson City: a seminar on creation and development of local fire fighting teams in the territorial communities was held within the framework of the visit of Polish rescuers
5 September08:54 Masters of the specialty "Civil Security" began their studies in Estonia
4 September08:05 During the recent week the units from the SES of Ukraine rescued 57 persons and extinguished 3 654 fires
31 August08:14 Rescuers of Cherkasy oblast are preparing to meet Bratslav Hasidim
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