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Declaration of conformity to the requirements of fire safety is now available online

Published: 15.02.2018, 08:11

On February 14, the presentation of a new electronic service for registration of a declaration of compliance with the requirements of fire safety in the online mode was held in Kyiv.

Participation in the event was taken by the head of the SES of Ukraine Mykola Chechotkin, Head of the State Agency for Electronic Government of Ukraine Oleksandr Ryzhenko, President of the Eastern Europe Foundation Victor Lyakh and Acting Head of the USAID / UkAid Project "Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services" Lesya Chmil.

Welcoming the participants of the meeting, Mykola Chechotkin reminded that in the framework of the reform of the SES at the end of last year, the Service signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the State Agency for E-Governance of Ukraine, the Eurasia Foundation and the International Foundation Eastern Europe Foundation.

"One of the major innovations initiated by the SES is that the entity will be able to receive the administrative services provided by the service remotely in electronic form. Today, the Government adopted the Resolution "On Amendments to the Procedure for Submission and Registration of a Declaration on Fire Safety", which implemented the specified mechanism for submitting applications for registration of declarations. The provisions of the resolution eliminate possible corruption risks in the provision of the said administrative service, simplify the relationship between business entities and the regulatory authority, and contribute to improving the investment climate in general in the State, "said the Head of the SESU.

Mykola Chechotkin also announced the next admin service, which will be available electronically in the near future - it is obtaining licenses for the execution of works of fire-prevention purposes. Work on staff training is currently being completed.

In turn, the Head of the State Agency for Electronic Government of Ukraine Oleksandr Ryzhenko noted that more than 50 services have already been introduced for business and citizens. He noted that they were based on three important factors: user friendliness, transparency for society and anti-corruption effects.

"Presenting today's service, I want to note that it also provides a new level of trust and responsibility, in fact forming a new philosophy of business interaction with state authorities," Alexander Ryzhenko stressed.

At the same time, President of the East Europe Foundation Viktor Lay emphasized the importance of transparency and access to the information provided by this online service.
"Openness of the register, where the declarations will be kept, will provide citizens with access to information on whether a specific entrepreneur has declared the compliance of his facility with the requirements of fire safety, who is responsible for safety and where the fire-fighting equipment has been purchased. Now it's easy to find online, "said Viktor Liakh.

In addition, the Acting Head of the USAID / UkAid Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services Lesya Chmil noted that the service of declaring compliance with the fire safety standards was identified as one of the priorities of the Concept for the development of the electronic services system, since it is in high demand , especially among small and medium businesses.
"This service is the first in the whole list of such important services, which we plan to translate into online mode. Following this, within the next couple of weeks, we plan to approve a" related "licensing service for fire-prevention purposes, which will also be translated into the e-format" , - summed up Lesya Chmil.

The project was implemented by the State Emergency Service and the State Agency for E-Governance with the support of the USAID / UK Aid Project on Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services, carried out by the Eastern Europe Foundation and the Eurasia Foundation.
The electronic service is already available through and Electronic forms of documents with automatic checking and hints maximally minimize the risk of mistakes when filling them.
According to the Concept of the development of e-governance of Ukraine and its implementation plan, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, an electronic service for registration of the Declaration of Conformity with Fire-Safety Requirements is included in the 100 priority and priority projects prior to implementation in accordance with the needs of business and society.


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