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Within the framework of decentralization in Ukraine the pilot projects on opening of new Security Centers in united territorial communities are being successfully implemented and a volunteer movement of voluntary fire-fighters is being formed (VIDEO)

Published: 09.02.2018, 08:46

Within the framework of reforming of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and decentralization of the country in general a voluntary movement of fire-fighters is being actively formed in Ukraine, local fire teams are created in the most remote settlements and new Security Centers are being opened.

In particular, on January 30, in Illinivka and Mykolaiv united territorial communities of Donetsk oblast two new Citizens' Security Centers began its work. Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine Hennadii Zubko, Head of the SESU Mykola Chechotkin and Head of Donetsk Regional State Administration Pavlo Zhebrivskyi arrived to congratulate the local inhabitants on this event that day. They noted that Donetsk oblast is a record holder by the number of created Security Centers. So, five centers have been successfully working in Donetsk oblast and according to Head of Donetsk Regional State Administration are scheduled to open eight Citizens’ Security Centers in total on the territory of Donetsk oblast in 2018.

At the same time, a consistent work on creating of such Centers is being providing in Kyiv oblast. Thus, a round table with participation of the rescuers of the region, Head of Nemishaieve village council, heads of Mykulychi, Kozyntsi and Myrotske village councils took place in the premises of Nemishaieve village council in Borodianka district. During the meeting the issue on creating of Joint Security Center within five settlements was considered, namely: Nemishaieve, Mykulychi, Kozyntsi, Myrotske and Dibrova villages.

Moreover, in the last month a local fire brigade improved its skills in rescuing and using of fire and rescue vehicles and equipment in Sviatovasylivka united territorial community of Dnipropetrovsk oblast. As a result, 12 employees of Communal Institution “Sviatovasylivska local fire brigade” received a certificate of special training. This is already the third local fire brigade in Dnipropetrovsk oblast, which passed the training courses at the Training Point of Dnipropetrovsk oblast and has legal rights to fulfil work for its intended purpose.

In turn, on February 12, the results of implementation of the first module of the project “Support of the process of organization of Ukrainian rescue volunteer organization in order to increase the level of safety of the local population in Rivne oblast” implemented under “Polish Aid” Program will be summarized in Rivne City.

In general, today most of regions are successfully implementing the pilot projects for creating of Citizens’ Security Centers, active volunteer movement in the field of civil protection is being formed and the training of volunteer fire-fighters is being continued, who are being recruited in newly formed local fire brigades in order to ensure an adequate level of population protection in the depth of Ukraine.

It is also a reminder that the Strategy of Reforming of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine is designed for three years, and, besides creating new and reforming of existing fire and rescue units of local and voluntary fire brigades in united territorial communities, also provides the technical reequipment of the SESU with modern technology, in order to improve the conditions of service of Ukrainian rescuers and generally improve the efficiency of the functioning of the civil protection forces in the country.

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