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During the recent week the units from the SES of Ukraine rescued 88 persons and extinguished 1057 fires

Published: 12.02.2018, 08:42

During the recent week (from January 22 to January 28) the units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine performed interventions to prevent emergencies, ensured rapid response to accidents and consequence relief, fire-fighting, and other rescue activities.

During the week there were two emergencies that resulted in death of 7 persons.

Since the beginning of the week there were 1281 emergency events reported that were responded to by the SES units with intervention to the site. As a result of these interventions, there were 88 persons saved.

There were 1057 fires extinguished, 60 persons were rescued from fire, and fire was prevented from spreading to 591 houses and 37 vehicles. 62 persons died from fires. Estimated loss from fire is about 11 million 546 thousand UAH.

During the week, the pyrotechnic units of the SES of Ukraine have had 85 interventions. During the interventions, there detected, extracted and disposed of 363 pieces of explosive ordnance from the past wars.

Moreover, 11 persons died on water sites during the recent week.

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