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Rescuers ask parents to take care of the safety of their children

Published: 12.01.2018, 08:04

Currently, most regions of Ukraine still have winter holidays, so the learning process will be restored only from next week.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, the rescuers conduct training sessions with the educators on life safety issues, as well as check the state of the fire-fighting maintenance in schools and kindergartens of the country.

In particular, on January 9, in Sumy, on the basis of a pedagogical school in the city of Lebedin, inspectors of the 18th State Fire and Rescue Department conducted a preventive conversation with the pedagogical staff. The rescuers reminded the present rules of fire safety at home and in the workplace, actions in the detection of explosive objects, and also showed the principle of the fire extinguisher. Separately stopped on the prevention of frostbite and overcooling.

A similar event took place on the same day in the Khmelnytsky region. Thus, the rescuers visited one of the secondary schools in the city of Netishyn, where they talked with the education workers about the safety of pupils and the fire status of local kindergartens and schools. In addition, during the meeting, the special attention of teachers emergency officers emphasized and urgent removal of violations detected in the course of inspections.

At the same time, Luhansk rescuers visited one of the rehabilitation centers in the city of Rubizhne with a preventive conversation about the rules of safe behavior in the water reservoirs in winter.

Meanwhile, the small researchers, who mostly stay home at the time of their holidays, still have plenty of time to get into trouble, rescuers of the SES of Ukraine ask their parents to take care of the safety of their children. In particular:

Remember that your child's safety is, above all, your personal responsibility!

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