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Rescuers encourage citizens of Ukraine to comply with fire safety rules in their everyday life!

Published: 05.01.2018, 07:48

Preventive activities of the specialists of the SES of Ukraine - is one of the methods of firefighting in the residential sector, where our citizenss die and are injured every day. So, only in the first three days of the year, household fires took lives of 30 citizens, and another 13 sustained injuries of varying degrees of severity.

In particular, during the past 24hrs the fire fighters discovered the body of the housewife (1962 year of birth) without any signs of life during the elimination of a fire in a flat of a residential building on the Suvorov street in Kostiantynivka City, Donetsk oblas.
A similar incident occurred in Zakarpattia oblast the day before, when during the extinguishing of a fire in a private dwelling house in Tyachiv Town, the fire brigade also found the body of the dead 38-year-old owner.

Rescuers note that most often in the heating season fire in the residential sector arises due to careless handling of stove heating, due to mulfunctioning household appliances and overload of the electricity network. So, the State Emergency Servise of Ukraine encourages citizens always to adhere to simple safety rules in their everyday lives in order not to become part of sobering statistics.

Every day, the staff of the SES is conducting advocacy work with the population in all regions.

So, representatives of the 19th State Fire and Rescue Unit of the Main Department of the SES of Ukraine in Donetsk Oblast talked about safety at home with the inhabitants of Dobropillya. Rescuers paid special attention to single and elderly people and families with many children, as they are mostly at risk. Dobropiltsi were advised not to leave the heater turned on, not to use mulfunctioning and self-made electric appliances, nor to dry clothes over gas cookers. Rescuers advised parents to teach their children safety rules in everyday life every day.

The same day, employees of the SES of Kirovograd oblast conducted an advocacy wor on fire safety rules among the residents of Svitlovodsk and Novoukrainka. In particular, the rescuers provided citizens with statistical data on the emergence of fires in the residential sector and provided recommendations for the safe heating of homes during the heating season.

In addition, there are holidays and many homes still have fir trees decorated with electric garlands. Therefore, during the preventive work, the staff of the SES also urged citizens to be careful in handling the festive New Year attributes - candles, Bengal lights and pyrotechnic products.

In general, similar events have taken place throughout the country these days.

Dear citizens!

Considering the sobering statistics on the fires in the residential sector, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine appeals to citizens to take care of the proper fire protection of their homes and to comply with the rules of fire safety, since it is always better to warn the threat than to deal with its consequences. In particular:

  - do not smoke in bed;
  -   monitor the condition and serviceability of the power grid;
  -   in case of leaving the premises, do not leave the TVs, iron, etc. turned on;
  -  do not leave little children unattended, do not let them play matches;
  -   try to avoid overloading of electric networks, do not turn on simultaneously domestic electric power consumers of high power.
  -   take care to protect the property when using stove and gas heating;
  -  in case of a fire, immediately call fire fighters at number 101, because every minute is crucial in this situation!

Remember! Only the implementation of elementary fire and personal safety rules will save your life and property from fire!

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