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Rescuers resemble the rules for using pyrotechnic products

Published: 04.01.2018, 07:49
In order to prevent the occurrence of tragic cases during the use of pyrotechnic products, the rescuers of the SES of Ukraine resemble the basic rules for the safe use of fireworks, salutes and fireworks. In particular:


  • To buy pyrotechnic products is necessary only in specialized trading places and to demand from sales agents a certificate of quality; In no case do you buy firecrackers and fireworks in spontaneous sales areas;
  • Before using pyrotechnic products, read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions carefully;
  • It is forbidden to use products that have defects: spoiled, cracked or other damage to the body or oppression;
  • It is prohibited to launch firecrackers, fireworks, rocket launchers from balconies or in enclosed spaces. Launch fireworks should be at least 100 meters from buildings and other objects;
  • When using pyrotechnic products, you can not be drunk and smoke;
  • It is prohibited to store pyrotechnic products near heaters and heating devices: batteries, electric and gas furnaces;

  • It is not recommended to wear pyrotechnics in your pockets and put it into operation (burn it), holding it in your hands.
  • When light a firework, do not lean over it, but try to immediately go to a safe distance - 30-50 meters. Approach a pyrotechnic product at least two minutes after finishing it. And it's better not to get closer to multi-charging even longer. If the salute does not work, do not approach it for about 10 minutes, since there is a high probability of a delayed explosion;
  • keep a close watch on the children and do not let them play pyrotechnics;
  • Pyrotechnics, which worked, extinguish, observing all possible precautionary measures. The usual way to dispose of pyrotechnics is as follows: fill it with water for two hours and only then throw it away with ordinary debris.


Dear citizens!
Be careful when using pyrotechnic products. Remember that only if you follow these rules you can give a safe holiday to yourself and your family.

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