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“Plastans” handed the Bethlehem Fire of Peace over to the Ukrainian rescuers

Published: 29.12.2017, 08:38

Every year, on the eve of the Nativity of Christ scout organizations around the world carry out a noble mission - spread the Bethlehem Fire of the World as a symbol of warmth, harmony and hope.
On December 28, this sacred Fire lit up at the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. Representatives of the National Scout Organization of Ukraine “Plast” met with the Head of the Service Mykola Chechotkin and handed over the Bethlehem Fire for Rescuers. Young guests told about the meaning and wished that it would protect everyone who is at risk of life everyday for the sake of saving others.
“We are constantly fighting the fire element. However, we accept this fire with sincere joy”, - noted the Chairman of the SES.
Mykola Chechotkin thanked the Plastans for preserving the tradition of the transfer of the Sacred Fire and assured that the fire would protect the Service and every rescuer from problems and would be a symbol of good and peace in every home, and in Ukraine.


The tradition of handing over the Bethlehem Fire of Peace was launched in 1986. This is an international annual event held on the eve of the celebration of the Nativity of Christ. The Scout organizations are involved in spreading the Fire, in particular, in Ukraine - the National Scout Organization “Plast”.




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