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24  May09:58 Zakarpattia region: mountain rescuers together with Czech colleagues conducted training of finding people in the mountains

May 23 in the area of village Pylypec of Zakarpattia region was helded a practical stage collaboration of Zakarpattia and Czech search and rescue units in the mountains with the help of GPS. Oldrich Masin from Crisis Management Office of Hetman Pardubytskiy of the Czech Republic showed in practice how works the GPS navigators, that they presented for mountain rescue units yesterday.

23  May09:03 Zakarpattya region: mountain rescuers received assistance from Pardubitsky region

May 22, Zakarpattya region was visited by the representatives of Pardubitsky region of Czech Republic within the framework of cross-border cooperation. Five foreign colleagues including Deputy Head of Pardubitsky region Josef Bidmon and David Schwetz brought presents to the mountain rescuers. 15 GPS devices with all the necessary downloaded applications and maps shall be good assistance for the mountain rescuers. These shall enable to identify the location, build routes to cross the area and conduct search and rescue operations.

22  May16:47 Delegation from the National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine started their study placement in Pomorska Academia (Slupsk)

On May 21 the study placement of the faculty staff from the National University of Civil Protection started in Pomorska Academia (Slupsk, Republic of Poland). During the placement 12 members of faculty staff shall learn the material and technical resources of the facility, participate in a scientific and practical conference, exchange best practices in ensuring national security. During the meeting, a joint scientific development shall be presented - “Earstern European Security News» journal that shall cover the risk management issues, conflict transformation and public management in the field of civil protection. The visit of Ukrainian delegation shall last until May 26.

22  May14:57 Lviv State University of Life Safety had an information session «EU Erasmus+ capabilities»

On May 19, 2017 there was an information session «EU Erasmus+ capabilities» conducted in the Lviv State University of Life Safety in the Center of Culture and Arts for universities and students, graduates, faculty and administrative staff. Participants to the session learned about individual capabilities of the Erasmus+ program, international requirements for participation of univercities for the purpose of innovations and best practices exchange, main requirements to participation in Erasmus+ program and preparation of projects in the main fields КА1: Education mobility, КА2: Cooperation projects and Jean Monnet.

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