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Total events195
Saved buildings61
The radiation (Kyiv)0.009 mR/hour
The radiation (Kyiv area)0.011 mR/hourд
The radiation (Chornobyl)0.016 mR/hour
19 March08:54 During the recent week the units from the SES of Ukraine rescued 29 persons and extinguished 712 fires

During the recent week (from March 12 to March 18) the units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine performed interventions to prevent emergencies, ensured rapid response to accidents and consequence relief, fire-fighting, and other rescue activities. Since the beginning of the week there were 1194 emergency events reported that were responded to by the SES units with intervention to the site. As a result of these interventions, there were 29 persons saved.

16 March18:51 A two-day training on civil protection supported by the international organization ACTED was held in Donetsk oblast

Today, many organizations and institutions work to address the complex socio-political situation in the East of Ukraine. The international company ACTED provides comprehensive support to the population and local governments in the region.

16 March18:46 Cherkasy oblast: Representatives of the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) have visited Department of the SES of Ukraine in Cherkasy oblast

A working meeting with the employees of the Security Department of the European Union Advisory Mission in Ukraine took place in the Department of the SES of Ukraine in Cherkasy oblast on March 15.

12 March10:39 Rescuers appeal to Ukrainians to take care of the safety of their own children!

There are scores of extraordinary events every day in Ukraine, in which our citizens are dying or getting injuries. Most of them are incidents or consequences of a frivolous attitude to the safety of the citizens themselves. However, it is most frustrating when the carelessness of adults costs the health or life of small children.

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